"Art that is full of energy, by putting her emotions within each piece, her paintings then seem to resinate with others."

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Today I listened to 90s radio on the sonos in work, it was quite interesting I seem to be getting older as I knew more lyrics to any songs than I do now. One song that really caught my attention was Smashing Pumpkins tonight tonight….ohhhh my gosh I loved this song and used to love Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness as a teenager… on repeat in my room all the time growing up!

I remembered the video and how much I loved the style and the visuals. I researched Georges Méliès’s silent film – A Trip to the Moon, which is also amazing and I could see why they would want to create a music video based on it, its so unique and interesting.

On Saturday I am going to the Bristol Folk house to do a course on etching, this type of picture would look brilliant, on of the images from Tonight tonight. It would suit the black and white roughness of a picture printed in this way.

Feeling a little excited now and all inspired!

smashing 2

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